Manna Ko is an Author, Behavioral & Social Hope Scientist, Speaker, and Mentor.

Manna began her career as an entrepreneur in the 1980s in Canada, and within a short time, her work became nationally recognized. In the late 1990s, she and her son moved to the United States, where she used her giftings and expertise to help others in the marketplace providing progressive marketing concepts, effective organizational systems, integrative team building curricula, personal and professional leadership consulting, and strategic partnerships to businesses around the country.

In the early 2000s, Manna went back to school and earned an MA in Psychology, a PhD in Philosophy, graduate certificates in many other health and wellness disciplines, and in 2022, she completed her EdD in Leadership for Change with her pioneering research on child sex trafficking in the United States. Manna also achieved executive certifications from both Harvard Business School, Harvard T.C. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, in Leadership, Communication, and Transformation, as well as executive certifications from MIT Sloan’s School of Management in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

As a prolific author, multiple TEDx Speaker and Trainer, Leadership Trainer, Keynote and International Speaker, Educator, Abolitionist, CEO and Founder of several businesses, and Strategic Partner to many others, Manna platforms extraordinary people who have inherent values, and alliances congruent with socially responsible, sustainable, and impactful missions and causes. She is passionate about helping people step into their calling, live extraordinary lives, prosper through chaos, be forerunners with unseen opportunities, lead under pressure, and deliver results.

Manna is called to teach, stretch, and equip others to live-out their gifts in a world hungry for authentic, honorable, and meaningful leadership and relationships.

Now with over thirty-five years of entrepreneurial experience, she has spoken to over 40,000 people in venues around the globe, shared the stage with other inspirational speakers, worked with hundreds of different businesses and organizations, guided even more individuals seeking personal excellence, has taught at many events, including a private writer’s group at Oxford University, England, and is affectionately known as Your Purpose Professor™.

Manna has worked with clients in over 10 countries, has contributed to many educational, disciplinary, and advisory boards, and is an Ordained Leader with Third Day Churches. She is also a marathon runner, a health and exercise enthusiast, an avid reader, is conversant in four languages, plays tennis and the piano, has studied martial arts, loves animals (dogs especially), is active in her community, and is a fierce activist against child sex trafficking.

As a prolific writer of many articles, curricula, manuals, and programs, Manna has also published over two dozen books (including her lauded autobiographical novel, To Run with Horses, and her sought-after children’s book series, Sophie and Solo’s Fun Adventures ™.

Manna lives a grateful life with her family and "furmily."

Manna on the TEDx stage